Are Double-glazed Windows Worth It? What You Need to Know

When it comes to home improvements, the last thing homeowners think about is their windows. However, the truth is that up to 40 per cent of heat can be lost at the window! This means that if you want to save money and improve your home’s energy efficiency, the first thing you need to look at is your windows.

Double-glazing is a popular technique used to improve a window’s thermal insulation and can even help you increase your home’s security. If you are on the fence about making the switch to energy-efficient windows, you might want to read this article, where we discuss whether double-glazed windows are a worthwhile investment for your home in Perth.

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What Is a Double-glazed Window and How Is It Different from Single-glazed Windows?

Two panes, instead of one, are sandwiched together with an air gap between them to create a double-glazed window. The thickness of the window is typically between 18 and 28 millimetres, with a hollow window frame that retains this vacuum of air that is typically 6 to 16 millimetres in thickness.

Double glazing can aid in maintaining a comfortable temperature within the home by sealing the air gap and filling it with inert gases such as argon gas or dehydrated air. Because they have a substantially lower density than air, these inert gases work well to improve the window’s insulation and thermal performance.

The Pros and Cons of Double-glazing Your Windows

What better way to decide whether this solution is right for your home than to consider the pros and cons? You can make an informed decision by weighing these drawbacks and benefits when choosing double-glazed windows for your home.


Double-glazing windows can make them more insulated and secure. It can also save you money and keep the noise out. Here are some of the most prominent benefits of switching to these insulated glass units:

1. Double-glazed windows Save You Money

Unfortunately, energy costs have soared over the past 10 years by over 50 per cent, and an environmentally-conscious way to save energy is with double-glazed windows.

The energy that leaves or enters your home is considerably reduced with double glazing, which utilizes two glass panels to form a protective barrier, preventing heat from travelling in or out through the window. Because of this, your home will be cooler in the hot summer months and warm in the wintertime.

It’s no secret that continuously using your heating or air conditioning system can result in a hefty utility bill. The good news is that when you have double-glazed windows, you don’t need to turn up the heat or air conditioner, which ultimately saves you money!

2. Upgrading Your Windows Increases the Overall Value of Your Home

When it comes time to sell, you’ll be happy to know that double-glazing will make your property a more attractive buy. Installing double glazing might make a house more appealing to a buyer if they were initially concerned about the location or if it was in a noisy area.

3. It Provides Suitable Energy Efficiency for Both hot and Cold Months

They are an extremely energy-efficient option for all Australian climates, but many people are unaware of this. Effective double glazing differs from other energy-efficiency technologies that can only ineffectively minimize heat loss and/or gain.

By regulating the movement of warm or cool air between the two glass panes, its special insulation capabilities help to keep the house warm in the wintertime and cooler in the summer.

4. Double-glazing Helps with Noise Reduction

Compared to single-glazed windows, double-paned windows can minimize outside noise from people, animals, trucks, aircraft, trains, and more by 60 per cent.

According to research done by the World Health Organization (WHO), continuous noise exposure might worsen heart disease and contribute to stress, sleep, and cognitive issues.

Double-glazed solutions absorb more noise than conventional windows with single-glazing because of the space between the two panes of glass. The efficiency of double glazing can be enhanced by using acoustic glass.

5. Better Security

A double-glazed unit is more challenging to force open from the outside than a single-glazed window and is harder to shatter. Moreover, having these insulated windows can deter thieves from attempting to break in because of how difficult it is to obtain access to the home.

6. Switching to Double-glazed Windows Can Reduce Fading

Furniture and ornaments can be prone to wear and damage more quickly when subjected to excessive heat exposure. Your furniture will be better protected because less heat enters your house when you switch to double-glazing.


1. Double-glazed Windows Can’t Be Repaired

If you choose double-glazed windows, you must remember that they cannot be repaired. Moisture can accumulate between the panes if the seal is not airtight. 

Furthermore, you can’t solve the issue by tearing the panes apart because they are already permanently sealed. Instead, you must replace the entire window, which will cost more.

However, if you choose a reputable service provider to install your windows, you won’t have this problem. In fact, your double-glazed windows will likely last a lot longer than single-glazed alternatives.

2. They May Not Be the Right Option for Older Homes

If you opt for the typical modern double-glazing, homes with older architectural styles could have an unbalanced appearance. However, some specialized providers can create a double-glazed window system specifically for old buildings.

3. Double-glazing Costs More at First

The truth is that double-glazing involves a significant investment. However, considering the plethora of benefits they provide, they offer a reliable ROI by reducing your energy consumption for years without much effort.

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