When Was Double Glazing Invented? A Brief History

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Double-glazed windows have been around for a long time now and becoming commonplace in homes around Australia. Unlike single-glazed windows that comprise a single pane of glass, double-glazing involves using two glass sheets to create an energy-efficient barrier between your home and the elements.

How did it all start, and how does modern double glazing compare to traditional windows? Who invented double glazing, and when?

In this blog post, we’ll answer these questions and take a closer look at the history of double-glazing.

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What Is Double-glazing?

Double-glazing is the process of insulating a window to increase energy efficiency. A double-glazed window is a sealed unit comprising two panes of glass instead of one. These sealed units have an air gap between the panes to aid heat retention.

Today, this air gap is typically filled with inert gas, such as argon gas, since they are odourless, non-toxic, and excellent insulators, improving the thermal performance of the window.

Double Glazed Window by Thermaglaze WA

The Benefits of Double-glazed Windows

The truth is that insulated windows offer a plethora of benefits that aren’t just limited to warmth. It can also work to keep your home cool during the summer months by preventing hot air from getting in.

Double-glazed windows offer the following benefits that have contributed to its success over the years:

  • Insulation
  • Warmth
  • Cooling
  • Noise reduction
  • Cost-saving
  • Additional security
  • Energy efficiency

Who Invented Double-glazed Windows?

Now that we understand what double-glazing is, when and how did double-glazing start?

It’s unclear where double-glazed windows first appeared. Some claim that it dates back as far as Victorian Scotland, while others assert that it was designed by C.D Haven, an American inventor, in the 1930s

Heat conservation was notoriously challenging because people tended to rely on fireplaces to stay warm in the winter, particularly in large homes. To address this issue, C.D. Haven created “thermopane,” the earliest insulated glass unit.

It was a revolutionary invention that impacted homes throughout the US and became widely accepted in the 1940s and 1950s.

A Brief History of Double-glazing

We’ll look at how double-glazing became widely accepted in the section below.

Double-glazed Windows in Victorian Homes: 1800s

In an effort to insulate their large Victorian dwellings, Scottish families who lived there are thought to have created the first double-glazed windows, according to historians.

They were compelled to find a solution because single-glazed windows and doors were insufficient for keeping their homes warm in the winter. Double-glazed windows served as storm windows to protect their homes from the elements and improve their energy efficiency.

Double-glazing Used in America: 1930s

Later, in the 1930s, double-glazing technology was introduced in the US. As much of the technology’s original use was in the US before it was eventually adopted by the UK and other countries, many historians contend double glazing was more an American invention than a Scottish one.

Adoption in the UK: 1960s

Several years later, the UK adopted the design. Many UK homeowners learned during the 1980s that a large portion of the heat used to provide warmth to their homes was lost through single-glazed windows, requiring them to consume more energy to warm the house. It cost them more to heat homes as a result of rising fuel prices.

What Prompted the Switch from Single-glazed Windows in the UK?

Due to the lower cost of materials, homeowners began to replace their single-glazed windows with double-glazed ones. Like the Americans, the UK did not adopt the technology right away. Their decision to switch from single to double-glazing was influenced by a number of different factors.

The transition to double-glazing in the UK was also aided by the growth of substitutes for timber framing. These substitutes included using aluminium and uPVC window frames, which were less expensive than conventional hardwood frames.

Additionally, the oil crisis at the time, which made buying fuel nearly impossible, also helped double-glazed windows gain popularity. Moreover, the oil crisis made using conventional methods to heat homes increasingly expensive.

Regulations had to be put in place in the UK to lessen the locals’ reliance on oil and promote the use of environmentally conscious techniques for household heating. During this time, a lot of UK homes switched to double-glazed windows.

Double-glazing Today

The double-glazing industry is now not only fully supported but also an essential component of the home improvement sector. These windows are currently renowned for their exceptional capacity to heat and cool a home efficiently, as well as to lessen noise while using less energy and spending less money.


Triple-glazed windows, which are made up of three panes of glass, were introduced in the 1970s to further reduce heat loss. They first became popular in northern Europe and are another well-loved alternative to single-glazing.

In colder countries like Sweden and Norway, where the advantages of insulation have a greater impact on households, triple glazing is more prevalent. However, it’s unlikely that classic double-glazing will undergo any changes in Australia.

As can be seen, the history of double-glazing windows is fascinating and lengthy, with a focus on a sustainable future. It is reasonable to expect additional improvements and advancements to double-glazed windows as time passes and technology develops.

Need Double-glazed Windows?

You can enhance the security, thermal performance, and energy efficiency of your home with double-glazing. This incredible technology has the potential to save you money on your utility bill, improve the security of your home, and improve its energy efficiency.

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