What Double-glazed Windows Are the Best for Your Home?

Thermaglaze is the Double Glazing Perth expert when it comes to installing double-glazed windows that are custom-made for your building. We can supply the glass panes and frames, which are bespoke to meet your budget and needs.

It’s important to learn about your options so that you can make an informed decision. There are various glazing choices. While most people choose single-glazed windows for the price, double or triple glazing might be better.

Double Glazing of a Window in leeming WA

What’s Double Glazing Windows?

Glass glazing focuses on the number of panes within the frame. Therefore, single-pane windows only have one glass sheet in the frame.

However, double-glazing means that there are two panes of glass that sit in the frame and are separated by a special spacer. You can also have triple-glazing, with three panes of glass products, each separated by spacers.

new build aluplast double glazed windows and doors

Various factors impact the effectiveness of double-glazing, such as:

  • Gap Filling – What’s between the glass (argon gas or air) determines the energy efficiency requirements of your window system.

  • Window Frame Material – Traditionally, uPVC and aluminium are used.

  • Window Film and Glass Type – The glass thickness and whether it’s tinted or Low-E glass makes a difference in thermal performance.

Our window experts can help you learn about the different types of glazing to choose the one that best meets your lifestyle and needs. We offer laminated glass, sliding window options, traditional windows, and awning windows, among others.

Call to discuss your needs, or use the online form to get a free quote today.

Install Double-glazed Windows and Doors – The Benefits

There are many benefits of double-glazed windows and doors. For example, they can help your home be energy-efficient, block outside noises and so much more.

Double-glazed glass or Insulated Glass Units (IGUs) as commonly known, form part of the thermal protection in our windows offering a better energy performance for your interior living spaces. We can fit various combinations of IGUs into our aluplast frames with many different styles to meet your needs.

Professional Team of Installers

Are you ready to experience the advantages that double-glazed windows and doors have to offer? Thermaglaze Double Glazing has a team of specialists available to custom fit and install the products for you!

What to Look For

Which double-glazed units are right for your home? It’s important to think about your comfort ideals. It’s not just about air temperature; we also have to think about our surroundings. Our customers like that we focus on their needs.

The main goal here is to get the indoor glass surface temperature to be as close to your room’s temperature as possible. That means you don’t experience cold draughts in winter. Plus, the hot summer months don’t bother you as much. Overall, we look at the U-value level (Uw) to measure how well the window system conducts heat.

What’s the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)

Your window assembly includes the frame, glass, seals, and spacers. Plus, it contains a U-value, which is the rate of heat. A lower U-value indicates that the window offers more resistance to heat flow and has better insulation properties. The SHGC measures how fast direct sunlight streams through the window system.

Overall, the SHGC is rated with a number between zero and one. With a lower value, you have less solar heat being transmitted through your windows and doors. The angle where solar radiation hits the glass significantly impacts the amount of heat transfer sent. When the sun sits perpendicular to your glass, it’s got an angle of 0 degrees. Roughly 85 per cent of solar heat gets transmitted with single glazing.

The angle increases when solar radiation is higher because it’s reflected and not sent out as much. When the angle goes over 55 degrees, it quickly falls. The effective area of radiation exposure reduces because of the angle increase.

Under the BCA (Building Code of Australia), window manufacturers must maintain windows and doors to meet the minimum specifications for water seepage resistance and structural adequacy under the Australian Standard 2047. The AFRC (Australian Fenestration Rating Council) has guidelines for a window’s performance and what the energy adequacy provisions dictate.

Overall, you want more solar heat in the winter to reduce heat loss, but you want less in summer to keep warm air out of your home.

Countless Styles for Double-glazing Windows

There are seemingly endless frame and glass styles available, which makes it challenging to choose the best glazing option for your home. Some products focus on keeping heat out or in but vary regarding maintenance, noise reduction, daylight, or security. The window’s price and cost of heating and cooling the home are also related.

The best energy-efficient windows reduce how much your air conditioning system runs by 30 per cent and also lower the peak heating and cooling hours. That means significant savings for you on energy bills each month.

You can use the special tool from the Australian Window Association to calculate how much you might save when using energy-efficient glazing. It compares different selections, including double-glazed windows and door systems. See how much you could lower your greenhouse gas emissions with better thermal performance.

Request Service

We’re here to provide the best windows and doors to offer better energy efficiency. Please call or use the online quote form to talk to someone about the many options and factors to consider. You want to keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter to save money and make your space a welcome area for everyone.

new build double glazing window and doors

Our Double-glazing Options for Windows

Our aluplast frame styles are custom-made to meet your needs. We focus on your requirements to ensure that you’re satisfied with those windows and doors you choose. In fact, our products are made using quality components to meet strict standards and go beyond what Australia requires.

Double glazing offers argon gas, low-emission glass, and other technological innovations. That means you get energy efficiency, competitive pricing, and sound reduction to live life comfortably. We listen to you and offer views that might be helpful. Lower energy costs and prevent unwanted heat gain!

Australia’s blazing sunshine can be beautiful when you’re outdoors. However, the window’s resistance to heat penetration keeps you comfortable when you come in from the sun’s heat. Likewise, that same protection offers more warmth in the cold winter months, keeping your home warm.

With the argon gas or low-E glass, you prevent up to 77 per cent of heat gain and 70 per cent of heat loss. We offer the best protection for Australian homes so that you get visible light without the excess heat.

Overall, double glazing reduces the outside noises you hear, including the neighbours, dogs barking, aircraft sounds, and traffic. Perth residents know that our windows can enhance the appearance of the house and don’t endanger the environment. Plus, our products feature competitive pricing, so you won’t regret choosing our experts and providers.

Get huge energy savings, lower energy consumption, and a smaller environmental footprint with double-glazed windows! You can:

  • Stop the summer heat from coming in

  • Reduce CO2 emissions

  • Reduce your energy bill each month

  • Prevent noise from coming inside

  • Stop the heat lost in winter

  • Keep cool air inside in the summer

What Are Aluplast Double-glazed Windows?

Aluplast uPVC designs offer acoustic and thermal insulation. Plus, the aesthetic charm meets all of your needs and helps you control the environment. They’re suitable for all building methods, including timber frames, hemp walls, rammed earth walls and many other building methods. Let the winter sun work for you and reduce artificial heating bills!

What We Provide

Thermaglaze Double Glazing is here to help you, whether you’ve got small or large windows. Enjoy these advantages of choosing our company:

  • Virtually maintenance-free (just clean with mild soapy water and a sponge)

  • Reduce asthma- and allergy-causing dust/pollutants

  • Increase property values

  • Reduce CO2 emissions

  • Approximate SHGC values of 0.36

  • Approximate U-values of 1.9

  • BAL Ratings from 12.5 to 40

  • Engineered to handle the Australian climate

  • Argon used as standard

  • Reduce interior damage

  • UV-resistant

  • Reduced noise disturbances

  • High security

  • Lowered cooling and heating costs

  • Eco-friendly

Consider Installing Double Glazing for Your Perth Home

If your existing windows aren’t doing the job anymore, it’s best to consider double glazing. We offer various window selections to help you lower your power bills and reduce sounds if you live on a busy street.

Thermaglaze Double Glazing can help you transform your home into a well-insulated machine that ensures you live comfortably. Please call for a free measure and quote today!

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