How to Install Double Glazing Windows

Are you curious about how to install double-glazing units to enhance the performance and look of your windows? One popular question (especially for those on a budget) might be: “Can I do it myself?” Indeed, you can, as long as you are confident enough!  

On top of a double-glazing experience, you can achieve faultless DIY installation with appropriate tools and quality products you can source from trustworthy manufacturers.  

In this blog post, we will take you through the method of installing double-glazed windows to save costs and avoid significant delays. 

Preparing for a Double-Glazing Installation 

Before you can undertake double-glazing installation, you need to identify your reason for requiring one, along with an established budget and expected project completion.  

Do you need double glazing for a property upgrade because your current windows are damaged? Another reason might be that your existing windows are too large, allowing too much heat transference, and are not efficient at reducing external noise. Or perhaps you want to add another visual element to your home because of a shift in your lifestyle.  

If you hire a professional installer, conduct a background check, ask for portfolios, licenses, and certificates, and enquire about their services (whether full range or not) to determine if they will meet your installation requirements. 

Tools Needed 

The success of your installation will also depend on the list of tools you have and on your skill in using them. For DIY or professional double-glaze installations, the following are some must-have items: 

  • Gloves 
  • Goggles 
  • Pencil 
  • Tape measure 
  • Glazier suction caps 
  • Spirit level 
  • Window packers (ideal measurement: 1, 3, 7, 12 mm) 
  • Electric screwdriver 
  • Scraper 
  • Spray foam 
  • Hand drill (ideally, with 3, 3.5 or 4 mm drill bits) 
  • Any type of saw (for cutting an aluminium angle) 

Unless you are confident of your efficiency in carrying out the most complicated processes and are handy with the tools above, we recommend hiring professional fitters and installers to avoid delays and extra charges.  

Ready to achieve a successful double-glazed windows installation while lowering your utility bills and increasing your property’s security? See the list below. 

1: Comply with regulations and seek approval 

Some people might believe that making home improvements will free them from regulatory approvals. But before you can fit in new windows and doors, you must obtain the local authority’s permission. 

If you decide to hire expert installers, they will also provide you with comprehensive advice on how you can easily adhere to building regulations. Other companies will also offer their installation package with the guarantee that they carry out all approval processes for you. 

2: Hire a surveyor for initial assessment or site inspection 

Once the local authority grants the permit to install or build your new windows, you need to find a surveyor to perform a site assessment or inspection.  

A surveyor will determine if the products you are planning to purchase will meet the building requirements of ventilation, energy efficiency, and window performance. 

3: Get the measurements and specifications 

At this stage of the installation process, you must finalise the internal and external measurements. You need this information to find the best double glazed window products for your project.  

You also need to confirm the colours, textures, and material types you want. You can either research online or visit a store to narrow down your choices. Also, don’t forget to list them down, especially when you have plenty of options in mind.  

Afterwards, it’ll be easy to place your orders with your chosen manufacturer. The manufacturer will then contact their tradespeople from their local or overseas factory. Note that the manufacturer must be efficient in conducting quality control checks if they deliver their products to you from other countries. 

5: Confirm the installation date 

Now that you have planned the number of materials you need for your installation, you can schedule the installation date.  

If you are doing a DIY installation, be strict in meeting the timeline. Even if it is your project, know that time is still of the essence. A professional installer, on the other hand, may charge you extra if the installation does not follow the daily rate they demand. 

6: Conduct the installation process 

Now that you’ve mapped out your plan, prepared the necessary tools, and hired professional workers (or just you), the actual work begins: the double-glazing installation. Refer to the list below in answer to your question on how to install double-glazing windows: 

  1. To remove the existing window, unlock the screw holding it. For safety, focus on the primary window components, such as the frames, the glass within them, and the sill, to prevent damage that might delay the process. Use the proper tools to cut the seal, such as a knife.  
  1. After removing the window and frame, scrape away the remaining sealant to begin the window replacement.   
  1. Cap the sill by applying super glue to attach the end caps to the window before installing them on the wall. Once done, use a screw to secure it completely. You might put on a sealant to seal the spaces where water might penetrate.  
  1. Level the window by lifting it. You can do this with another person to ensure that it’s sturdy. You can also use window packers for proper adjustment if it isn’t level.  
  1. Mark pilot holes using a pencil and drill. Again, use a sealant to the pilot holes before you screw them to avoid water penetration.  
  1. Fit the double-glazing glass into the window. You may have to snap the glazing platforms at the corners to make sure they are straight and will fit.  
  1. Place and adjust the glass panels to fit them snugly.  
  1. Lastly, use silicone caulk to close the edges of the frame, preventing condensation and moisture occurrence. 

DIY Vs. Professional Installation: Which Is Better? 

As an economical property owner, you may want to fit double-glazed units yourself to save money. However, a DIY installation might produce amateur mistakes, affecting the overall efficiency of your windows. 

Moreover, you can efficiently conduct a DIY double-glazing installation as long as you have a certain amount of building and double-glazing skills to carry out complex processes—with a complete list of tools. 

While a DIY might work for you, sourcing reputable contractors who have efficient knowledge of how to install double-glazing windows and doors is the right course you should take.  

And even if you reject the idea of a DIY installation and work with professionals, knowing how to fit and install your windows can still come in handy. This allows you to monitor the whole process better. 

Find Trustworthy Installers at Thermaglaze WA 

Not a DIY enthusiast? Now that you know how to install double-glazing units, handing over the project to a pro will help you relax, knowing that the process will proceed without mistakes, saving you money and time. For that, Thermaglaze WA is here for you.  

We specialise in manufacturing uPVC double-glazing units for commercial and residential applications across Perth. We have a team of proficient installers who will assist you with the entire project duration—without delays, at reasonable prices, and with excellent workmanship!  

We will also offer you a free measure and quote to meet your double-glazing installation requirements. Visit our factory showroom or contact our representatives for your questions on 1300 022 867. 

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