10 Questions to Ask Your Double-Glazing Installer

Aside from having a double-glazing installation plan, another fundamental step to avoid issues along the way is to ask the right questions to your double-glazing installer. This way, you won’t be disappointed and won’t make costly mistakes. It will also help you clear up confusing details and be confident in your choice of installer.  

This article will briefly tackle the importance of choosing the right double-glazing company and what you should ask to guarantee quality products and services. 

Why work with a professional and expert double-glazing installer? 

An experienced double-glazing installer will help you make intelligent installation decisions, from selecting suitable double-glazing units to installing them in window and door frames.  

In addition, you will reap the benefits of these properly installed products. These include improved thermal insulation, reduced noise, cost-efficiency, reduced condensation, increased security, and more.  

While finding the right supplier and installer might be tricky, you will employ the right team when you can ask the right questions. 

The following questions are essential before you decide to hire a double-glazing company: 

#1: How long have you been in the business? 

One way to properly evaluate a prospective double-glazing company is to determine how many years they’ve been in the business. This will tell you a lot about their experience, struggles, and dedication. This also means that they’re competent in translating their clients’ requirements for double-glazing installation, confident in providing professional advice, and expert in recommending suitable products to buy. 

Most importantly, experienced manufacturers can provide you with comprehensive solutions should you need immediate assistance. 

#2: Do you offer full installation services? 

Another thing you should ask is the service package they offer. Do they provide a complete installation package? Products, for example, may be sourced elsewhere, and they may employ other workers to perform installation services.  

Select the package that can guarantee you’ll be spending within your budget, and there are no hidden charges. Other double-glazing companies might only specialise in supplying double-glazed units but don’t have a team of expert installers. 

#3: Do you have accreditations, licenses, and insurance-backed guarantee? 

A company with legal papers means that they comply with regulatory standards set by multiple industry agencies. Their people must also be licensed to operate on your premises. Also, find out if they have an insurance-backed guarantee on every installation.  

Accreditations will also tell you how they can meet the standards of craftsmanship in the business since impartial and independent bodies usually issue them. Lastly, an insurance-backed guarantee will protect your assets when the company falls into liquidation. 

#4: What will be the final estimated cost? 

You need to know the estimated cost to avoid delays. You can also prepare your funds ahead of time if you receive an average breakdown cost.  

Ideally, a reliable company will give you an accurate estimate at the initial consultation. While you’re at it, ask about their payment options as well. For your convenience, choose the process that will work best for you. 

#5: Can I visit your showroom? 

Sometimes, pictures might not complement your double-glazing installation standards, especially in terms of colour, size, and style. Ask your chosen company if they have a factory showroom, and if they have, take advantage and visit them.  

You can feel the products’ texture and see the accurate measurements and the colours through an in-store visit. 

#6: What are the brands, styles, and features of your products? 

You also need to determine if the products are top quality and have the characteristics to meet your durability and aesthetic requirements. You can assess their reliability by asking if these products can withstand extreme weather conditions and increase your property’s security.   

Find out if they are manufactured overseas or at their main factory. Ask about the style options and if they come from leading brands. You’ll also learn how easy or difficult it is to install them in the window and door frames. Ask about the frame material type (such as the superior uPVC), glass type, and door or window type to know if they are sturdy.  

#7: What is the duration of the installation method? 

The installation process will disrupt your daily activities. So, enquire about their turnaround time. This way, you can plan when to do your chores and other home and work engagements.  

It can help you determine whether their services will provide you with a high-value return on investment based on how fast they can install the units. 

#8: What makes your company different? 

Although several companies offer the same type of services, you can ask about their edge compared to other manufacturers.  

Will they offer you free measurements? Will they conduct a site inspection within days of your enquiry? What other specialised services can they offer? How about warranty deals and discounts for repeat customers? Or perhaps they do follow-up inspections for free? 

They might even offer you exclusive items to suit your style. This is all about assessing whether they’re worth the penny you’ll spend, the effort you’ll exert, and the trust you’ll be willing to place in them. 

#9: Do you fully employ your team? 

For other double-glazing companies, they employ subcontractors. Employing third-party workers can compromise the quality of the job. You cannot guarantee honest labour either, especially if you haven’t thoroughly checked their credentials. This is also interconnected to the third question about an insurance-backed guarantee.  

A company that employs an entire team of suppliers and installers can assure you of consistent and seamless installation methods. They will also hold their company accountable should anything go wrong along the way. With a fully-employed team of installers, the company understands the significance of protecting your assets. 

#10: Do you have a technical advisor who can explain your double-glazing methods comprehensively? 

Talking to a single technical advisor will help shed light on your decisions. This representative will act as your contact person in the company during the entire project duration to guarantee smooth and consistent planning and project handover process.  

Transacting with a group of individuals who might offer you diverse input might lead to unforeseen conflicts and cause massive delays. This would also cause significant confusion on your part. 

Key Takeaway 

You should do a sit-down interview before a double-glazing installer installs your upgraded windows and doors. By doing this, you’ll get to know the tradesmen, company background, product features, estimated costs, materials used, payment methods, etc.  

Before hiring the company, evaluate if they comply with double-glazing manufacturer regulatory standards and if the service comes with an insurance-backed guarantee. When you ask the right questions, you will ensure property safety and installation success while being at ease knowing that you’ll be spending within your budget. 

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