Benefits of Installing Double Glazed Windows

Improving your windows’ strength and stability is an essential step to ensure your home security. However, you may find it hard to look for the right type of windows that are cost-effective and worthwhile. From providing home security to condensation reduction, there are various things to consider to find the type of windows that suits your needs. 

Among all the available options, double glazed windows seem to be a top contender. And there are many reasons why you should install them for your home.  

One is that double glazed windows can endure the harsh weather conditions of Australia. Having this more than one layer of your window is more than enough to toughen it up.  

We will discuss other popular advantages of installing double glazed windows here. So, if you are still unsure about installing double glazed windows, you may refer to the perks that we listed below. 

Double Glazing Defined 

To have a definite idea of double glazing, let us first provide its definition. Simply put, double glazing is the process of placing an air pocket in between two layers of glass to reduce noise and loss of heat. It uses two glass panes separated by an argon gas layer to keep warm air from escaping.  

The second pane will become a noise barrier. Compared with single glazed windows, it will give a better insulation amount and protect the room.  

Since double glazed windows will not age faster than other equipment, replacing your windows with this unit type will ensure top-notch performance all year round. 

Double Glazing Is Highly Secure   

Using double glazing will ensure that your windows are twice as tough compared to single glazing units. Because double glazing has an airtight seal, this will guarantee you significant advantages, including having stable windows. This means that your windows cannot easily break because of the double layers of glass combined. 

Double Glazing Improves Your Home Security  

With a sealed unit, your windows will be harder to penetrate than the single glazing type. Having double glazed windows will guarantee you that your home is highly protected.  

The additional glass layer will act as your defence against unwanted intruders. This will increase your line of protection from harmful external factors. Double glazing is a much better barrier against unnecessary noise and harsh temperatures than single glazing units.  

Furthermore, this will decrease allergy- and asthma-causing pollutants or dust entering the room. Hence, it will provide a cleaner environment. 

Double Glazing Reduces Condensation   

When you are living in Australia, you will experience diverse climates. It’s not surprising why many people complain about the issue of condensation in their homes.


Condensation will accumulate when humid air comes in contact with cold surfaces. And accumulated condensation may dampen or cause mould in your home. 

 Installing double glazed windows will help reduce condensation in your window panes. They will create a warmer and drier room; thus, reducing condensation. They will also decrease possible health risks at home. 

Double Glazing Is Energy-Efficient   

Saving energy is vital in almost every aspect of our lives. This consideration must also come in handy when choosing the right glazed windows.  

Using double glazed windows is very energy efficient. When you have these double glazed units, they will effectively keep the heat inside the home. In effect, they will contribute to the decrease in your annual heating bills. 

Double Glazing Is Cost-effective  

Imagine having broken single glazed windows and replacing them with the same type of units. You will only be doubling your expenses. Installing double glazed windows is a wise and long-term investment compared with single glazed windows.  

Practicality comes in when you choose to install double glazed windows. The annual cost of having double glazing is lesser compared with single glazing. Recently installed double glazing units require little to no maintenance.  

With the already mentioned advantages, installing double glazed windows is worth every penny you spend.   

Double Glazing Is Suitable for Both Hot and Cold Climates 

With the void between the two glass panes, your double glazed windows improve insulation in your home. But then again, there arose a lot of doubts regarding their suitability in both hot and cold climates.  

Winter months will equate with lower temperatures and increased energy bills. Installing double glazed windows will help keep you warm and comfortable in the winter months without relying on multiple heaters.  

As much as it’s convenient for cold climates, double glazing is also suitable for warm weather. When the outside is hot, you can effectively keep the warm air outside; thus, controlling the temperature inside your home.  

Installing double glazed windows will, in general, protect you from unfavourable high or low temperatures outside. 

Double Glazing Can Increase Property Value 

Your property value remains high for future buyers with all the listed advantages above.  

It is necessary for homeowners and home builders to consider double glazing windows since these units are much more attractive to potential buyers. The benefits of your home security and its stylish look will make the buyers desire it.  

It’s not just that installing double glazed windows will increase your windows’ performance. It will also raise significant figures with your home’s sale price. 

Double Glazed Windows Are Offered by Thermaglaze Windows 

If you want to save money on your home bills, have a comfortable temperature at home, or want to ensure that your windows are sturdy, double glazing is the solution for you! 

Already decided to buy a new set of reliable double glazed windows for your home? Thermaglaze Windows WA has got you covered. 

We manufacture the best uPVC double glazed windows that will suit Australian homes. With this, Thermaglaze Windows will meet your needs for installing double glazed windows. 

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